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Our store is open from Monday morning around noon to Wednesday at 11:30 AM for new orders

Products will display when available for ordering. Except for shrimp, all other products will vary from one week to the other, which is the nature of wild-caught seafood. All prices are by the pound, except where otherwise noted.

Fresh Seafood is Brought to You! We serve selected areas in North Georgia only. We personally hand deliver our fresh-caught seafood; we do not ship. See delivery info.

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This week's featured items:

Crab Regular Lump Crab Regular Lump
Price $18.75
120 in stock!
Mahi Mahi Mahi Mahi
Price $16.50
147 in stock!
Shrimp 16-20 IQF Shrimp 16-20 IQF
Our Price: $14.00
236 in stock!
Clams, One Dozen Clams, One Dozen
Price $7.00
204 in stock!
Lobster Tails Lobster Tails
Our Price: $29.75
12 in stock!
Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout
Our Price: $13.50
236 in stock!
Black Grouper Black Grouper
Our Price: $21.75
347 in stock!
Tuna Ahi Tuna Ahi
Price $18.25
112 in stock!
Gift Certificate Gift Certificate
499 in stock!
Faroe Island Salmon Faroe Island Salmon
Our Price: $18.75
87 in stock!
lobster claw/ knuckle/meat Fresh lobster claw/ knuckle/meat Fresh
Our Price: $40.00
17 in stock!
Crawfish Tails Crawfish Tails
Our Price: $20.00
80 in stock!
Crab Jumbo Lump Crab Jumbo Lump
Our Price: $25.75
122 in stock!
Chilean Sea Bass Chilean Sea Bass
Price $14.00
173 in stock!
Bay Scallops Bay Scallops
Our Price: $10.00
88 in stock!
Crab colossal lump Crab colossal lump
Our Price: $29.50
488 in stock!
Catfish Fillets Catfish Fillets
Our Price: $12.75
218 in stock!
Red Snapper Red Snapper
Price $25.75
16 in stock!
Cajun Seafood Dip Cajun Seafood Dip
Our Price: $6.00
33 in stock!
Scallops -Jumbo Scallops -Jumbo
Price $24.50
99 in stock!
Crab Claw Meat Crab Claw Meat
Price $18.75
124 in stock!

Note: fish is only available for order between Monday morning and Wednesday 11:30 am.

If you see no fish, please come back during those days.
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