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Home > Recipes > Salmon Recipes > Faroe Islands Salmon w/ Miso Sesame Ginger Glaze


Arrange a rack in the middle of oven and set to broil. Line a baking pan with foil and coat with oil. Place salmon, skin side down, on baking pan. Use a paring knife to score the salmon with ¼-inch deep diagonal cuts, about 2 inches apart. Spread ¼ cup of dressing over salmon. Broil for 10-12 minutes, rotating pan a few times, until lightly browned and the internal temperature of salmon reaches 145°F. Remove from oven and drizzle with another 2 tablespoons dressing.

Meanwhile, bring a large pot of water to a boil. Cook beans for 2-3 minutes, until bright green and crisp-tender. Use a slotted spoon to transfer beans to a medium bowl. Toss with remaining 2 tablespoons of dressing; cover with foil to keep warm. Serve salmon garnished with green onions and sesame seeds, alongside green beans. Makes 4 servings based on 4 oz. salmon and 4 oz. beans.

*Haricots verts (French green beans) are also available frozen.

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