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Tip of the day:

Five Tips for Grilling Fish

  1. Keep it cold – Unlike other meats, fish does NOT need to sit at room temperature before grilling. Fish is highly perishable and should be kept on ice until the last possible minute before going on the grill.
  2. Dry that fish – Sure he spent his whole life in water, but patting the fish dry will help prevent the fish from sticking to the grill grate.
  3. Tuck your tail – fish pieces are often not uniform in thickness which means they won’t cook evenly on the grill. Tuck the thin “tail” end under the rest of the fillet to get an even thickness.
  4. Test Early Test Often – You can’t “undo” overdone fish. The general rule of thumb is cook a TOTAL time of 10 minutes per inch of thickness. But to be sure, check with an instant read thermometer (a Thermapen REALLY comes in handy with this short time windows). Your target internal temp is as low as 120f for fatty fish (salmon, tuna) to 140f for leaner fish.
  5. Don’t rest – while most meats benefit from a period of rest after cooking, fish does not. The proteins are more evenly distributed and do not require a rest, serve cooked fish right away.