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Tip of the day:

Ever wonder how the chefs get that beautiful crust on their fish fillets? It isn't hard to do, once you learn a few tips:

  • Make sure your pan gets hot. I mean really hot, as in heated on high heat for at least 3-5 minutes.
  • Only then do you add oil or butter.
  • When the oil or butter gets hot, slide in the fish fillets. If they are thin you can keep the heat high. If they are thick, turn it down as low as medium for a steak, medium-high for a fat fillet.
  • Don't mess with it! Constant flipping is death to a good crust. Let the fish cook. If you do, then a crust will form and the fillet will release easily when you do flip it. Once. Once, I tell you!
  • Let the first side cook two-thirds of the fillet. Then flip to finish the rest.
  • Serve the prettier side face up on the plate.
  • One last thing: When you have gone to all this work for a nice sear, put your sauce underneath the fish. Putting it on top will ruin it.