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Submitted by Denis Foerst

Fish1 is the fish laid down on a bed of salt, stuffed with parsley, thyme, bay leaves and orange.
Fish2 is after packing with salt and baked for 30 minutes at 450 degrees,. Used a spoon to crack the hard salt shell exposing the fish for the meal. Crack the salt shell a the table then remove to kitchen to clean up for the actual serving at the table.
Fish 3 is presentation to the table after removing most of the salt. - was a great meal. The only salty portion was the skin - rest of the fish was excellent.
Fish 4 After serving the top layer of the fish, the bones are exposed resting on top of the other fillet. Pick up the bone from the tail an lift off the whole skeleton exposing the bottom fillet This is done at the table to impress the guests.
Was a great meal. We didn't use very strong herbs and spices. Very delicate fish. Crust of salt preserves the moisture during baking.