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Tip of the day

Apply cooking oil or spray to your grill prior to grilling mahi mahi to prevent it from sticking.
Heat your grill to medium high or high.
Grill mahi mahi about 5 to 10 minutes per side, flipping the steaks or fillets when the color starts to turn white.
Marinate your mahi mahi when you flip it if you are using a marinade or dressing
Test your mahi mahi to see if it is done by flaking it with a fork.
Continue grilling mahi mahi if it doesn't flake easily, flipping it from side to side until flaking occurs
Season your mahi mahi when it is about ready to be taken off the grill
Serve your grilled mahi mahi with salsa, sauce or by itself and enjoy.
Refrigerate any leftover mahi mahi and try it in a salad the next day.