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Tip of the day

 Now, for some really good recipes. Here's some info I found regarding cooking: Sable is extremely versatile. Its fat content make it a prime candidate for smoking; this also makes it forgiving to the novice cook. The fat acts as a buffer against overcooking. 

But sablefish shines in other ways, too:

As sushi, or crudo. Like the fatty toro tuna or salmon belly at sushi restaurants? You will love sablefish raw. 

It is also luxurious dressed at the table with a splash of Meyer lemon and sea salt. Don't use sablefish for ceviche, however -- that dish goes best with lean fish.

On the grill. Again, the fat is a savior here. It lets you slap a sable fillet on a hot grill without worrying too much about it turing into fish jerky if you look away for too long. But it's fine texture means you should use a cage or at least have the grill well oiled.

Pan roasted. Just a simple saute lets you savor the depth of sablefish, which offers a richer mouthfeel and longer finish than a lean fish does.

Confit. Yes, poached slowly in olive or some other kind of oil. Think you like slow, oil-poached tuna? You will love sablefish. 

Here's a bunch of great recipes from Yummly:  

 I found tons more on the web.