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Useful Tools & Equipment

A Large, Sharp Knife (Chef’s Knife)

  • A large, sharp knife (chef’s knife) can be very useful for cutting a larger fish filet or side of fish into smaller portions before cooking it. It’s also useful for cutting fish into chunks for soups, stews, and kebabs.

Fish Tweezers

  • Fish filets are usually boneless, but they will sometimes come with pin bones still in them. You can use special fish tweezers and fish pliers to pluck out the bones (either before or after you cook the fish), or you can dedicate a new pair of regular tweezers to this purpose.

Fish Spatula

  • A fish spatula is a wonderful tool to own. It’s flexible and slightly curved, so it cradles your fish as you lift it, making it great for serving delicate fish or for turning fish over in a pan.

Non-stick pan

  • A non-stick frying pan is essential for sautéing fish (aka pan-frying). Fish contains a lot of water, and even if you pat it dry before cooking, it has a tendency to stick to hot frying pans because of all that moisture. When this happens, the fish becomes impossible to flip over and tends to break apart. However, fish will not adhere to a non-stick frying pan, so if you use one, your fish should cook easily and turn out in one piece. Best of all, you won’t have to spend hours soaking the pan to remove stuck-on bits of fish.