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Bronzini with Tomato Caper Sauce

Ingredients -
Egg mix ( eggs, milk,splash of water, old bay, lemon pepper)
Lemon pepper
Old bay
Dried or fresh dill
Garlic salt
Seasoned Panko (Dill & old bay )
Fresh lemon
Small Diced tomato’s
Scallions aka green onions ( also cut I to small pieces)

In large oven grade pan cover bottom with cooking oil, turn heat to medium low, let oil get
hot. Preheat oven to 400.

Take fish and Season with lemon pepper, old bay and garlic salt ..
place seasoned fish in flour coat heavily shake off extra and place in egg mixture (Be sure to coat the whole fish ) transfer fish to panko bowl.. place fish skin side up on panko an press firmly on fish to get a good coating an flip and repeat..

Place fish skin side up and slowly!!! Place fish in oil .. fry for a 4 minutes or less or until light golden brown.. once all fish is flipped to skin side down, remove from heat and drain oil.. squeeze lemon juice over top.

Put pan in oven ( no lid ) and cook 5 to 7 mins shouldn’t take long .. take pan out remove fish from pan. Add butter tomato’s , capers an scallions to hot pan sear for just a bit then cover each fish with a little and enjoy!!

Recipe by: Josh Vermeulen