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Stone crab claws are in season for a few months. So, we ordered up more for this week. A number of you ordered them and said they were "fantastic". As for those very special stone crab claws, wow, what can I say. Yes, I will have some in my house this week. Yummly is offering up these recipes:
Here are some facts about stone crab claws.
  • Stone crab claws are sold fully cooked.
  • Stone crab claws are served intact. If the recipe calls for crab meat, you can pick the meat out of the shell.
  • Shells and movable pincers should be cracked before serving the claws as an appetizer. Leave the meat attached to the pincer.
  • Here's how to crack the shell: Don't miss out on these. They do not freeze well. This is the info I found:
  • Freeze claws that are completely intact (occasionally claws are cracked during handling) at 0 degrees F. or lower. The shelf life of the claw is about six months. Frozen claws will thaw in the refrigerator in about 12-18 hours. Quality is lost when claws are thawed under cold running water or at room temperature