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Hi Tom,
Please remember that this recipe is my creation. The amount of each ingredient is an estimate. Sometimes cooks just throw ingredients together w/o measuring.
First, prepare Melted Butter Sauce
1. Melt butter approx. 1/4 lb. of butter
2. Saute 3 T minced shallots -- 3-5 minutes until translucent
3. Mince 1 garlic glove -- stir in minced garlic in butter/shallot sauce
4. Add 1/2 cup white wine or dry sherry
5. Add 1 T of chopped parsley
6. Add one turn of salt mill and one turn of pepper mill
7. Keep butter sauce warmed on stove
(The above estimate of ingredients is based upon approx. 2 dozen clams)
1. Gently scrub clams with a brush.
2. Place clams in water with some ice, some salt, and some corn meal.
3. Keep clams in cold water for about two hours. This process will relax the clams.
4. Fire up grill to hot temperature.
5. Place a shallow aluminum pan on grill until hot.
6. Remove clams from water and place clams gently side by side shell side down in hot aluminum pan
7. Do not overcrowd clams.
(Clams can be placed individually on hot grill crates, however, juices from clams will drip to bottom of grill.)
8. Because of the high heat, clams should open within three to five minutes.
9. The juices will stay within the aluminum pan.
10. When clams open, remove whole clams individually from the grill with tongs.
11. Place whole clams in large bowl and add prepared warmed butter sauce. Gently toss.
12. OR, drizzle some prepared warmed butter sauce individually over whole clams
13. Have plenty of napkins available for guests