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Enjoy the most valued cut of bluefin fatty tuna belly with this recipe for Otoro Sushi. I show you two ways to prepare this delicacy—seared and drizzled with yuzu juice or with just a touch of soy sauce. Either way, the sushi practically melts in your mouth.


  • sushi-grade otoro (fatty tuna)
  • sushi rice pillows
  • yuzu

For Serving

  • soy sauce
  • wasabi
  • sushi ginger (for my homemade recipe, click here)


  • Gather all the ingredients.
    Otoro Sushi Ingredients
  • Remove the skin and trim around the piece.
    Otoro Sushi 1
  • Slice to desired thickness. Due to the high fat content, a thinner slice is recommended.
    Otoro Sushi 2
  • Scrape the meat off from the skin. This part is considered one of tuna’s most delicious part and you can use it to make negitoro donburi.
    Otoro Sushi 3
  • With a kitchen blow torch, sear the otoro to bring out the latent umami flavors.
    Otoro Sushi 4
  • Place on the sushi pillows… and squeeze yuzu juice on top of the seared otoro. Serve with soy sauce, wasabi, and sushi ginger.
    Otoro Sushi 5

    Recipe courtesy of Just One Cookbook